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Sense Difficulty: Very Easy by Relationship (+2 for every person, after the first, through tenth... +1 every five people thereafter.  People tend to act as those around them.  If 10 people are really moved so will the 11th).

Alter Difficulty: Very Easy => One Sense (a howl is heard)

                  Easy      => Two Senses

                  Moderate  => Three Senses

                  Difficult => Four Senses

                  Very Diff => Five Senses (holographic)

                  Heroic    => The viewers are in the story!     

This power may be kept “up.”

Required Powers: Projective Telepathy

Effect: This power is used to entertain, educate or just make a point.  While a Jedi tells a story the very reality around him warps to accommodate the theme of the story.  Wind will pick up, lights will flash, unusual sounds will be heard, etc.  Whatever could enhance the experience of the viewer.