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Summon Creatures

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Control Difficulty: Creature’s Orneriness code; modified by Proximity.

Sense Difficulty: Easy if the animal is domesticated/friendly (such as a Bantha); Moderate to Difficult if the animal is wild, but non-predatory (such as an undomesticated tauntaun); Very Difficult to Heroic if the animal is ferocious/predatory (such as a wild vornskr or rancor).

Required Powers: Beast languages, projective telepathy

Time To Use: one minute

This power may be kept "up."

Effect: With this power, the Jedi can mentally "ask" a creature to come to the Jedi’s aid and accomplish a task for the Jedi. This Jedi cannot control the creature in any way.

Note that the character may keep this power "up " if the Jedi wants to continue picking up the emotional state of a creature.