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What are the sources of each of these various powers? Would it be possible for someone to edit the page and list them, creating a key (e.g. 'TotJ' [no quotes] for the Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook.) Even the homebrew ("house-ruled") ones should at least cite original sites or authors if possible.


I honestly can't tell you the source of these force powers outside of the Rancor Pit Conversions: The Force. I'm hoping that most were just converted from D20 to WEG D6 but, I really don't know. Awhile ago I went looking for the sources. I had thought i found some and just before i went and started to add them to the entries, I found more that conflicted with what I had found and with what we got. So I left it alone. To this day when I get players asking where something is from, if it doesn't have a listed source I tell them it's either converted from D20 or a Homebrew. Its been a pet peeve of mine that a lot of the entries have no sources listed. (It's why I go and look for as many sources as possible for what I do in the Crossovers section.) Outside of providing you with the .pdf, I'm sorry I wasn't able to provide you with a definitive source.

Thedemonapostle (talk) 14:05, 27 December 2016 (CST)