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  • Technometry
    Control Difficulty: Easy
    Sense Difficulty: Moderate
    Alter Difficulty: Moderate (or opposed Perception roll for droids)
    Required Powers: Absorb/dissipate energy, affect mind
    Effect: This power allows the Force user to reach out through the Force to gain a greater sense of a computer or droid, and in some cases exercise control over it. If the Jedi is attempting to gain access to a computer or modify a droid, she may choose to extend herself through the Force to feel and understand that system. She then gains a +2D to her computer programming/repair, droid programming, or droid repair rolls. This effect lasts for three rounds.
    Alternatively, the Jedi may reach out through the Force to jam a droid’s senses for three rounds. During that time, the droid will take a -2D to all Perception rolls to detect the presence of the Jedi (assuming the Jedi is attempting to sneak by or avoid detection), also the droid takes a -2D to all offensive and defensive rolls. In some cases, the jamming may confuse the droid and cause it to flee, until the effects have dissipated.