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Warp Matter

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Warp Matter

Alter Difficulty: Easy      => liquid matter

                  Moderate  => malleable matter

                  Difficult => hard matter (metal, wood)

                  Very Diff => very dense matter (hulls, reinforced metal walls), gases;

                   modifiers: 1 cubic cm            => +0

                              1 liter/1000 cubic cm => +10

                              1 cubic meter         => +25

                              10 cubic meter        => +35

Required Power: Telekinesis

Time To Use: 1-12 rounds, scaled by difficulty number.

Note: This power will not work and cannot be used against living matter.

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to mold a volume of matter to anew shape.  The Jedi must be able to touch some part of the object to be molded.  This power does not destroy the matter, it merely changes it’s shape or position (much like a very advanced telekinesis).  The effect is permanent.      This Jedi is literally changing the world around them.  This power coaxes millions of atoms and molecules to move controlling each particle.  The fact that it is easier for the Jedi to affect the volume of matter as a whole rather than as distinct particles is reflected in the harder difficulty of managing gases with this power as opposed to some solids or liquids.