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Cybernetic Eye

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Cybernetic Eye
Type: Prosthetic eye
Scale: Character
Skill: Medicine: cyborging (to install)
Cost: Varies by model
Availability: 2, R
Difficulty: Moderate (to install)
Game Notes: If the medicine roll to install eye fails by less
than 5 points, the limb has a side effect (listed below).
Source: Hero’s Guide (pages 129-130)

Motion Interface Package
Model: SoroSuub Motion Interface Package
Type: Increases Mechanical attribute/skills
Cost: 400 credits per pip
Cyber Points: 2
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 37)

Item Bonus Price Surgery Side Effect
Flare Suppressor Can’t be flash-blinded 250 1,900 -1 on attack rolls
IR Sensor Darkvision to 30m 300 2,250 Blinded by nearby heat sources
Optical Enhancer +1D to search 450 3,400 -1D to ranged attacks
Targeting Eye +1 on ranged attacks 500 3,750 -1D to search
Telescopic Eye Reduced search ranges 500 3,750 -1D to search