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Force Powers

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The following is a complete list (or as complete as I can make it) of Jedi powers.

Relationship Modifiers Proximity Modifiers
User and target are: Add to difficulty: User and Target are: Add to difficulty:
Close Relatives 0 Touching 0
Close Friends +2 In Line of Sight +2
Friends +5 Out of Sight, 100 Meters +5
Acquaintances +7 Up to 10 km away +7
Slight Acquaintances +10 Up to 1,000 km away +10
Met Once +12 Same Planet, over 1,000 km +15
Never Met, Known by Reputation +15 Same Star System, Different Planet +20
Complete Strangers +20 Not in the Same Star System +30
Stranger of Another Species +30


Control is the Jedi's ability to control her own body. A Jedi with control can access her own internal well of Force energy, learning harmony with and mastery over the functions of her own body.

2nd Edition Control Powers

House Ruled Control Powers


Sense teaches a Jedi to sense the Force in other things beyond her own body. The Jedi learns to feel the bonds that connect all living things and gains the ability to understand how all things are interconnected. Sense governs powers such as detecting danger and learning information about the world around the Jedi.

2nd Edition Sense Powers

House Ruled Sense Powers


A Jedi with alter learns how to change the distribution and nature of the Force. Jedi who have mastered alter can move physical objects with their minds, can help others control their own Force, or can manipulate the Force in the bodies of others. This power can be used to change the perceptions of others and make them come to incorrect conclusions.

2nd Edition Star Wars Alter Powers

House Ruled Alter Powers

Control / Sense

2nd Edition Control and Sense Powers

House Ruled Control and Sense Powers

Control / Alter

2nd Edition Control and Alter Powers

House Ruled Control and Alter Powers

Sense / Alter

2nd Edition Sense and Alter Powers

House Ruled Sense and Alter Powers

Control / Sense / Alter

2nd Edition Control, Sense and Alter Powers

House Ruled Control, Sense and Alter Powers

Special Powers

2nd Edition Special Powers