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Planet of origin

Ord Mynock (possibly), Fondor

Type: silicon based p

250px-Mynock NEGAS.jpg

Special Abilities:
Energy Drain: survive by draining energy from starships.
Flight: Mynocks who drain enough energy can fly.
Silicon life forms: silicon-based life forms and can survive in
the vacuum of space.
Move: 9, 1 (space units per turn)
Size: 1.5 meters wide, 0.5 meters tall
Source: The Star Wars Sourcebook (pages 88-89), Galaxy
Guide 3 – The Empire Strikes Back (page 43), Operation:
Elrood (page 32), Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook SE (177)

Mynocks tended to flock together, generally in a pack of ten, however could migrate annually in large groups. The most notable of these migrations were the famed migrations ofRoon, where the sky could literally become darkened from swarms of these creatures. They tended to protect territory in which they resided and would attack in larger numbers if they felt threatened. It is possible that they communicated using pheromones, telepathy, or even through a hive mind.

Subspecies of mynocks included the salt mynock and sulfur mynock of Lok, the atmosphere-breathing Vynock that lived on Corellia, Talus and Bothawui, the Tatooine mynock, and the Talusian Fynock. Atmosphere-breathing mynocks also lived on Imdaar and were known to attack those piloting speeder bikes through the planet's swamps.