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Space Slug

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The exogorth, known colloquially as the space slug, was a gigantic species of toothed gastropod. They were silicon-based lifeforms that survived in the vacuum of space by making their homes in the caverns and craters of asteroids. They fed on the minerals of asteroids, various stellar energy fields, and mynocks (another silicon-based lifeform). The average adult space slug grew to about 10 meters in length, but some slugs were known to continuously grow to sizes that rivaled capital ships in sheer bulk, with some weighing over a million kilograms.

Space Slug
Type: Vacuum Predator
STRENGTH 6D (creature scale)/5D (starfighter scale)*
* For a 6-metre-long and 900-metre-long slug respectively;
Strength varies dramatically by the length of the slug;extremely large slugs are in the starfighter or capital class.
Special Abilities:
Vacuum: Space slugs are native to the vacuum of space and can survive in this environment with no assistance.
Teeth: Do STR+1D damage.
Move: 6 (creature-scale slugs only).
Size: May be as small as 1 meter long, possibly up to 900 meters long.
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