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Species: Toydarian
Home Planet: Toydaria

The Toydarians were a race of avian beings from Toydaria. They were strong-willed, resistant to Jedi mind tricks, and had a body odor similar to sweetspice. They had a reputation for being stingy and bad-tempered. Toydarians were supposedly distant relations of the Hutts due to their home world's proximity to Nal Hutta as well as their similar resistance to the mind trick.

Biology & Appearance:
Toydarians had stubby trunks on their faces which rested above short tusks. They had three fingers on each hand. A Toydarian's thin legs ended in webbed, three-toed feet, but their primary mode of transportation was their use of the wings on their upper back. Their wings could beat as fast as ten times a second, burning up large amounts of energy. Though their wings appeared frail, Toydarians could fly quite rapidly and preferred flight to walking.

In order to fuel this hyperactive metabolism, Toydarians would eat concentrated foods and egg-seeds. Most of the bloodiest wars in their history were fought over food supplies. Their bellies were also filled with a buoyant gas which helped them stay aloft, thus creating the appearance of a pot belly. Despite appearing pudgy, Toydarians were actually one of the lightest races in the galaxy because their body tissue was spongy and gas-filled. They were capable of flying from birth.

Their skin was usually gray or blue although green and purple variants were common among females. The males of the species usually showed sparse whiskers. Toydarian newborns emerged from their mothers' wombs fully developed, resembling miniature versions of their parents, and were able to fly from birth.

Society & Culture:
Toydarian government was a sovereign feudal system with one ruling king and many vassals. These vassals vied for power under the king's rule. The king made sure to keep his vassals happy and to have their allegiance, but would occasionally encourage infighting to reveal the true character of the vassals and weed out treachery.

Toydarians in the Galaxy:
Though some Toydarians were known merchants and con artists, many led respectable lives.

Average Toydarian: Dexterity 3D, Knowledge 2D, Mechanical 2D+1, Perception 1D+2, Strength 1D, Technical2D.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Flight: Toydarians can fly a distance up to their Movement rating before having to stop and hover momentarily to gather their strength again.Webbed Feet. When walking, a Toydarian's webbed feet eliminate any negative modifiers that would normally be imposed by marshy or squishy terrain.

Force Resistance: Toydarians are resistant to Force powers that utilize the Sense skill, and receive a +3D bonus to any Perception or Control rolls made to resist these powers. Any Sense powers used against a Toydarian that do not grant a resistance roll have their Sense difficulty increased by +10.

Special Skills:
Flying: Toydarian characters begin play with the Flying skill (a Strength skill), which they roll when attempting aerial maneuvers. This skill is automatically at least equal to the character's Strength, but can be increased during or after character creation.

Story Factors:
Dietary Needs: Without their high-energy diets, Toydarians lose the ability of flight after one day, until suitable nutrition can be found. Once said nutrition is replaced in the diet, it can take several hours before the gasses in the Toydarian's spongy belly have replenished themselves, enabling flight.

Move: 6/8 (Ground), 18/20 (Flight)
Size: 0.9 to 1.5 meters tall
Source: Wookieepedia (For the Toydarian Description)