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Unknown Region

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The Unknown Regions, Unknown Space, Unknown Sector, or Unknown Territories was the collective term for all regions of the galaxy not formally charted; it differed from Wild Space in that Wild Space was usually minimally charted, but not fully explored.

The Unknown Regions was broadly defined as areas not connected with the skein of reliable or well-known hyperspace routes spanning the galaxy, did not look to Coruscant as the ultimate center of civilization, or were not under the broad hegemony of the Galactic Republic before the Galactic Civil War. Beyond the region’s outer edge lay the hyperspace disturbance beyond the edge of the galaxy.

Chiss Ascendancy

In total, the Ascendency consisted of Csilla and twenty-eight inhabited colonies, although the Ascendancy contained several hundred thousand star systems within or near its borders. Information on all planets and star systems visited by the Chiss were kept in the Expeditionary Library on Csilla.

  1. Avidich
  1. Bogo Rai
  1. Catlia
  1. Celwis
  1. Cioral
  1. Colonial Station Cam'co
  1. Colonial Station Chaf
  1. Copero
  1. Cormit
  1. Crustai
  1. Csaus
  1. Cessed
  2. Csilla
  3. Repplic
  4. Csorb
  5. Formac
  1. Jamiron
  1. Kinoss
  1. Mobus
    1. M-3
    2. M-18
  1. Massoss
  1. Naporar
  1. Noris
  1. Ool
  1. Ornfra
  1. Oyokal
  1. Pesfavri
  1. Brask Oto Command Station -- Space Station
  1. Rentor
  1. Rhigar
    1. Rhigar 1 - Moon
    2. Asdroni - Moon
    3. Rhigar 3 - Moon
  1. Thearterra
  1. Sarvchi
  1. Schesa
  1. Sharb
  1. Shihon
  1. Sposia
  1. Tenupe
  1. Thrago - Moon
  1. Yashuvhu

Notable Locations

  • Avidich — A vertiginous world of high peaks and dizzying drops, Avidich is used by the Chiss to cultivate edible lichens.
  • Brask Oto Command Station —CEDF space station serving as the barbican for The Redoubt.
  • Celwis — This colony along the Vaagari Corridor, once raided with regularity by alien aggressors, showcased a decisive demonstration of Chiss military strength shortly after the formation of the CEDF.
  • Cioral — Home of House Csapla, this planet is heavily urbanized, yet is responsible for overseeing the Ascendancy's half-dozen agricultural colonies.
  • Copero — Home of House Mitth, this world is the location of the Chiss Ascendancy's largest Shipyard.
  • Cormit — Location of one of the two major CEDF bases.
  • Crustai — Colony world where Chaf'orm'bintrano later rendezvoused with Jade Sabre en route for Outbound Flight.
  • Csaus — Home of House Inrokini, Csaus is the Ascendancy's hub of science and communications.
  • Csilla — Ice-girt home world and political capital of the Chiss. Site of the city of Csaplar and the Expeditionary Library.
  • Jamiron — This world appears barren from space, but hides hydroponic Ag facilities inside its porous crust.
  • Kinoss — Location of one of the two major CEDF bases.
  • Klasse Ephemora system — This system contains the gas giant Mobus, around which the living planet Zonama Sekot orbited until late in the Yuuzhan Vong War.
  • Mobus — Gas giant in the Klasse Ephemora system. Zonama Sekot sought refuge in a lunar orbit around Mobus after its flight from its home system in 29 BBY, and from 30 ABY, Zonama Sekot was resettled by the Yuuzhan Vong remnant.
  • Naporar — Home of House Nuruodo and location of the CEDF headquarters.
  • Ool — A forested planet spotted with vast circular plots of farmland.
  • Oyokal — An aquaculture colony of fish-stocked pools and wave-riding algal beds, Oyokal is home to a quadrupedal native species.
  • Pesfavri — Location of defense fleet base near The Redoubt.
  • The Redoubt — Dense star cluster developed as an interstellar fortress by the Chiss. Site of Brask Oto Command Station and the unnamed planet on which Outbound Flight came down.
  • Rentor — The Chiss settlements on this world are constructed atop icebergs that slowly cruise the ocean currents.
  • Rhigar — Site of a Chiss military academy in the Rata Nebula.
  • Sarvchi — Home of the Chaf family.
  • Shihon — All animals on Shihon are boneless, with bulbous gasbags filling the sky and city-sized jellies choking the oceans.
  • Sposia — Home of House Sabosen, Sposia holds the Ascendancy's top academies and med-centers.
  • Tenupe — Situated on the Sparkle Run, Tenupe is a jungle world captured by the Chiss Ascendancy from the Killiks in the final battle of the Swarm War.
  • Thearterra — An obscure body in the S-K system, this world is perpetually racked by volcanoes, hailstorms, and ground-quakes.
  • Thrago — Site of a CEDF supply depot anchored around a small moon, destroyed by rogue Jedi in 36 ABY.
  • Yashuvhu — Remote hinterland planet with a Force-sensitive Human population; home world of the duuvhal, and of Force-talent Valara Saar.
  • Catlia, Massoss, Sharb, Noris, Schesa, and Ornfra — These outlying colonies, all homes to former Ruling Families, were largely wiped out prior to the Swarm War. The families on Catlia and Massoss became Joiners, while the others fell on the losing side of a civil conflict.


  1. Ankus - (On the Borders of the Mid Rim and the Unknown Region)
  1. Carrivar
  1. Crakull
  1. Durace
  1. Fhost
  1. Qoribu
    1. Jwlio - Moon
    2. Eyyl - Moon
    3. Zvbo - Moon
    4. Ruu - Moon
    5. Nrogu - Moon
    6. Kr - Moon
  1. Jike
  2. Bory
  3. Cala
  4. Ilum
  5. Trop
  6. Eton
  7. Fern
  1. Kariek
  1. Kilia IV
  1. Kro Var
  1. Iwar
  2. Meldina
  3. Taxiode
  4. Lehon
  5. Desten
  6. Geraps Sule
  7. Verla Klest
  8. Ding Briar
  1. Morcanth
  1. Munlali Mafir
  1. Hol Simo
  2. T'var'k
  3. Luum Ava
  4. Nagi
  5. Hol Kinto
  1. O'reen
  1. Osseriton
  1. Shikitari
  1. Tililix
  1. Tof
  1. 244Core
  1. Umaren'k
  1. Vagar Praxut
  1. Yoggoy

Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster

  1. Lwhekk


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