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Harrower Class Dreadnaught

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OldRepublic SithBattlecruiser.jpg

Harrower Class Dreadnaught
Craft: Harrower Class Dreadnaught
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Era: Old Republic
Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMORPG); Wookiepedia
Manufacturer: Taerab Starship Manufacturing
Type: Dreadnaught
Scale: Capital
Length: ~800 meters
Skill: Capital ship piloting: Harrower Class
Crew: 2400
Crew Skill: ?
Passengers: 7300
Cargo Capacity: ?
Consumables: ?
Hyperdrive Multiplier: 4
Hyperdrive Backup: ?
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: ?
Space: ?
Hull: ?
Shields: ?
Sensors: ?

  • Turbolaser batteries
  • Quad laser cannons
  • Ion cannons
  • Proton torpedos
  • Concussion missile launchers
  • Tractor Beam Emplacements


Capsule: These dreadnaughts served as the backbone of the Imperial Navy during the Great Galactic War of 3,681 BBY and the Cold War between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic that followed in 3,653 BBY.

The class had an overall similar build to the Republic's Centurion-class battlecruiser, and was likely an ancestor of the later Star Destroyer line of vessels used by the Republic and Empire. The class of ship had a deep gap running along the centerline of its wedge shaped hull, and had three large thrusters and four smaller ones, arranged like on the later Imperial-class. A variant of the Harrower had a different engine array, with two trapezoidal thrusters symmetrically aligned. The class carried a complement of 95 starfighters, including Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters.

These ships were reserved for only the best and brightest Imperial naval officers, mostly designated as the flagship for fleet operations with enough armament and heavy armor to give it an advantage in any fight. The Harrower-class Dreadnaught was unmatched in combat, only threatened by the Valor-class cruiser or a large, overwhelming enemy fleet. Each of these ships held a small army on board consisting of Imperial commandoes and Mark I and Mark II Sith War Droids. These assets could be deployed on the surface of a target world, as well as being deployed around the corridors of the vessel in order to ensure the protection of the Harrower from boarding parties.