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Alert Sense

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Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult

Required Powers: Blind sense, danger sense, direction sense, electronic sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy, sense Force

This power may be kept "up."

Effect: This allows the Jedi to sense the intentions and immediate actions and locations of any beings or creatures, as well as Droids and physical objects within 10 meters, creating a warning system for as long as the power is "up." This power is very effective if the Jedi has been blinded or is permanently blind.

The Jedi adds the sense roll to Perception for the duration of the power. This counts towards initiative as well as any other Perception-based rolls. The Jedi adds +1D to all attack and defense rolls, and the Jedi detects any attacks the round before they are made. This gives the Jedi a round to react to danger.

The Jedi is conscious of everything within 10 meters. When approached by or approaching a being, creature, or Droid, the Jedi should make a sense roll; each being, creature, or Droid makes an opposed control or Perception roll at half their normal skill dice to avoid detection.

It is very difficult for a character to hide from a Jedi using this power.