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Blaster Combat

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Blaster Combat

Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Easy

This power can be kept “up.”

Note: This power is exclusively taught by Teepo Paladins and will only be taught to students who reject the use of sabers (and other “light” weapons).

Effect: This power is used to make a blaster more effective and efficient. A Jedi (usually a Teepo Paladin) uses this power to control slight hand movements and to sense the movement of his/her target. It is basically the Teepo version of lightsaber combat and grants the following bonuses:

Add Sense to Blaster Skill to strike.

If the Jedi uses a partial dodge he/she may add as many control and/or sense dice to the dodge. These dice, however, can only be used once. If they are used to increase "to hit" chances they can not be used to dodge as well. Therefore every round a Teepo has a dice pool to use in changing his abilities in combat. This power can be used if the Jedi is performing a full dodge as well. The power has to be brought up first however.

Since a blaster can not deflect a blaster, the Teepo Jedi have no form of parry, but the dodge bonuses should create a balance.

If the Teepo makes his Sense roll by 15 he automatically acts first in that round and only that round. This is above and beyond normal initiative. It is also not considered an unprovoked act. The Jedi senses the intent and action of the opponent before the opponent can act.  The Teepo Jedi must make his control roll at Difficult level if he/she wishes to use two blasters in combat at once (See Tricks of the Trade in the Teepo section).

Add 1D of Damage for every 5 points a Strike succeeds by (through using Sense the Teepo is able to locate and exploit structural weaknesses in their targets).