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Block Force Ability

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Block Force Ability


Control Difficulty:

Duration Desired   1 Round                 Easy - 10

                   2 Rounds                Moderate - 15

                   Up to 5 Rounds          Difficult - 20

                   Up to 15 Rounds         Very Diff - 25

                   Up to 3 Hours           Very Diff - 30

                   Up to 1 Day             Heroic - 40

                   Up to 1 Week            Heroic - 45

                   Up to 1 Month           Heroic - 50

                   Up to 1 Year            Heroic - 60

                   Up to 5 Years           Heroic - 70

                   Up to 15 Years          Heroic - 80

                   Permanent               Heroic - 100

Sense Difficulty: Targets Control + Proximity

Alter Difficulty:

Type of Force to Block:

                                 Single, Specific Use   Difficult - 17

                                 Single Skill Power     Very Diff - 27

                                 2 Skill Power          Heroic - 39

                                 3 Skill Power          Heroic - 52

                                 Entire Skill           Heroic - 76

This power may be kept “up.”

Time to use: One Round for every level of duration.

Required Powers: Hibernation Trance, Life detection, Sense Force, Projective Telepathy, Transfer Force(?) Affect Mind, Control Mind, Control Pain, Control Another's Pain

Effect: In game terms this is a most devastating power.  This power can be activated as a reaction to a specific force power used by another Jedi, or it can have a more premeditated use. 

When used, the user suffers a -1D to all Force Skills for 2 times the duration called for.  For instance if Dark Jedi used this power to stop Light Jedi from using Absorb/Dissipate *at one specific instance*, then Dark Jedi, regardless of his success or failure, suffers a -1D to all his force Skills for 2 Rounds(because the shortest duration is one round).  If Dark Jedi decided to try to block Light Jedi's ability to use  Absorb/Dissipate permanently, then Dark Jedi would suffer that -1D for twice as long.  Any dice lost this way can, of course, be recovered through the spending of character points.

And Character who has had all three Skills(Control, Sense and Alter) blocked will appear to any mode of detection as non-force sensitive.  The user of this power can use it on himself.