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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Easy      => 1 - 2 Targets

                  Moderate  => 3 - 20 Targets

                  Difficult => 21 - 100 Targets

                  Very Diff => 101 - 1,000 Targets

                  Heroic    => 1,000 - 10,000 Targets

  • Modified by single highest individual proximity

Alter Difficulty:  Easy plus target’s Perception, Willpower or Control roll.

This power may be kept "up."

Required Powers: Affect Mind, Rage, Project Force, and Anger

Warning: The user of this power gains a Dark Side Point.

Notes: Target’s with Dark Side Points receive a penalty to resist equal to the bonus granted by their Dark Side Points.  For example, a Jedi has one Dark Side point from embracing the Dark Side (see Part II: The Dark Side) which usually gives a +2D bonus to all Force Skills.  When using this power he rolls Control, Sense, and Alter with a +3D bonus (+2D from his earlier Dark Side Points plus an additional +1D from the new Dark Side Point gained from attempting this power).  When the same Jedi attempts to resist this power, the Alter difficulty (for the user) becomes Easy plus Control (or Willpower, or Perception) minus 2D.  Since he has already been touched by the Dark Side it is harder for him to refuse it.

When a Jedi of the Light is under the influence of this power it is likely he will commit evil acts.  Such a Jedi does not receive Dark Side points for Action (striking first, aggressively, or out of anger), but does take Dark Side Points for Inaction (the guilt he feels for not being able to control himself).

Effect: When this power is used, the Jedi radiates the Dark Side of the force, sending waves of anger and hatred washing over his targets.The game affect of this power is that all targets go into a berserker state, granting a +2D bonus to all combat actions (attacks and parries/dodges), but they may make no other actions in the same round.Also, record all wound results of "stunned" or "wounded" but do not invoke any die penalties for those under the influence of this power.A target may roll their resistance once per round against the Jedi's standing Alter roll, to break free.Each failed resistance attempt incurs a -5 penalty on the next attempt (cumulative).