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Cleansing, The

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Cleansing, The

Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Own Perception ability value

Alter Difficulty: Very Difficult

Note: This Power is exclusively used by the Baadu.

Effect: This power is used to preserve neutrality in a Baadu. It makes them better able to control the Force within them at early levels. In later levels of ability, advancement becomes VERY difficult, as the two sides of the force become further apart. By using The Cleansing, Baadu are better able to resist the temptation of the Dark Side, but are much more limited in their advancement in the study of the Force. When a character uses the Cleansing, they become Baadu in all respects. Whichever side of the Force is lesser (DS points or LS points) is subtracted from whichever side of the Force is greater. The lesser of the two is set to zero.

Example: Birtaa Baadu has 7 Dark Side Points and four Light Side Points (it's been a long time since his last cleansing, and he's been a bad boy!). Once he is done using the power, he will have 3 Dark Side Points (7 DSP - 4 LSP = 3 DSP), and he will be left with 0 Light Side Points (4 LSP - 4 LSP = 0)

Note: Players of Baadu can't use the cleansing for an easy way out of being neutral; they must actually BE neutral. A Baadu cannot be more evil than good, or vice versa, or their neutrality will be disrupted.