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Commune with Nature

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Commune With Nature

Sense Difficulty:  Moderate

Alter Difficulty:  Easy      => Feeling of Tranquillity

                   Moderate  => Grass Grows

                   Difficult => Flowers Grow / Animals Attracted

                   Very Diff => Trees Grow, Fresh Water Springs

                   Heroic    => Terra Form (GM sets Difficulty)

  • Difficulties are based on an open plain.                           

Modify for climate, temp, etc:

                        Desert            =>  +20

                        Dark Side Imprint =>  +20

                        Tundra            =>  +15

                        Ocean Bank        =>  +15

                        Vacuum            => +170

  • Modify by Proximity

This power may be kept “up.”

Required Powers: Sense Life, Emptiness, Fertilize, Call Animal

Effect:  While meditating in an outdoor area, the Jedi bonds with all living creatures in the area and influences their development.  Soil becomes more fertile, plants begin to grow, creatures sense tranquillity, etc.  Sense is used to create the link and Alter makes changes in the pattern of nature around him.