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Corporeal Translocation

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Corporeal Translocation


Control Difficulty: Heroic + (2x proximity)

Sense Difficulty: Difficult

Alter Difficulty: Heroic + (2x proximity)

Required Powers: Absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate another’s healing, accelerate healing, control another's pain, control pain, Doppleganger, emptiness or rage, farseeing, force of will, hibernation trance, instinctive astrogation, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, mental translocation, projective telepathy, receptive telepathy, remain conscious, return another to consciousness, sense force, shift sense, telekinesis, transfer force

Time To Use: 1 round to prepare + duration of power + 1 round for “reassembly.”

Note: This power assumes that Doppleganger should not be a power that grants a Dark Side Point and thus both Doppleganger and this power should be usable by all Force users, and not just Dark Side users.    

Effect: This power effectively transports the Jedi over long distances.  This is one of the most difficult powers a Jedi can learn.  This power allows disassembly of the Jedi's constituent molecules. The power then transports them a given distance and reassembles them. The Force user effectively enters hyperspace (although this is not actually known) and can move the constituent atoms as a 10xhyperdrive.  Note that nearby gravity wells have no effect on this power.  A different mechanism seems to be used for short distances (on a planet for example).  For these short distances, treat as 10km/rnd.

The proximity modifier is based on the furthest extent of intended distance, declared before the skill roll is made.  Generally, the user must be familiar with the destination, preferable having visited and studied it before.  If the Jedi is not familiar with the destination(it was described to the Jedi, the Jedi only visited it for a few minutes, etc., GM to arbitrate), there is a +20 modifier to the control roll.

Failure of the Control roll affects the location of reassembly.  Roll 1D for the direction of failure.  1=forwards, 2=right, 3=left, 4=backwards, 5=up, and 6=down.

These directions are relative to the desired position of the Jedi at the destination.  Use of a character point before this roll gives a-1 modifier to the direction roll.

The distance moved in the indicated direction is 2D% of the intended distance traveled.  Attempting (intentional or accidental) reassembly in a space already occupied by another object results in the death of the Jedi in most instances.

Designer's Notes: This one raises lots of questions: How much stuff can the Jedi take with him?Can the Jedi transport another being?If “forward” on the direction failure roll relative to the planet’s surface, or is it a tangent?You'll have to decide these on your own.