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Alter difficulty: Difficult
Time to use: Two rounds
This power may be kept up.
Effect: Using this power, a Jedi reaches out through the Force, slowing down the molecules around an object, drawing heat away from it, and causing its temperature to drop rapidly. Generally, this has the benefit of making an object more brittle and prone to damage.
In game terms, a Jedi may select one object within 20 meters and within line of sight. If the alter roll succeeds, then the body strength of the object is decreased by -1D (minimum 1D). For every +10 the Jedi beats the alter difficulty, the body strength decreases an additional -1D.
If the Jedi selects a living being as the object, the being is not immediately frozen, as would an inanimate object which does not produce its own heat. Rather, the living being takes 4D+2 damage, and the Jedi receives an immediate Dark Side Point. Should the target become frozen to the point of death, then the body will become completely frozen and more brittle.
Source: Jedi Academy Training Manual (page 25)