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Control Difficulty: Very Easy by Proximity

Sense Difficulty: Easy By Relationship

Alter Difficulty:

  • Moderate=> +1D to Technical Skills
  • Difficult => +2D to Technical Skills
  • Very Diff => +3D to Technical Skills
  • Heroic=> +4D to Technical Skills

Required Powers: Speak With Machines
This power may be kept “up.”

  • Through using this power a Jedi becomes one with a machine. When successful a Jedi enters a state where he thinks like the computer, thus allowing him greater skill with which to manipulate it.
  • This skill may also be used to negate side effects from cybernetic replacements. When doing so, the Jedi rolls his Alter as usual to determine the amount of dice to roll versus difficulty gained by cyber points.
Example: If a character has 7 cyber points, all difficulties are raised by 21 points (3 points per cyber point).If he wishes, he may activate CyberLocke on himself (with no added difficulty from cyber points) in an attempt to strengthen his connection with the Force. If he rolls a 16 (Difficult) for Alter, the difficulty added to Force Skills from cyber points is reduced by 2D (per the table above). He then rolls the 2D and gets 7. The new difficulty added to Force Skills is 14.
  • A Jedi may also reach out to a machine and order it to do his bidding (difficulty vs. computer programming).
Example: Ordering a blaster to lock up or a sensor to give a false reading.