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Daisho Combat

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Daisho Combat

Control Difficulty: Difficult

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Required Powers: Lightsaber Combat

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to wield two sabers (one long and one short -- A Lightsaber and a Lightdagger for example) simultaneously.  A character wielding two blades who successfully activates the power may attack and parry once each with no multiple action penalties (one strike and one parry totals one action, not two), although other penalties still apply, including the penalty for keeping the power up. If a character makes no attack in a round and chooses only to parry, he receives a +1D bonus to parry and also receives a +1D bonus at attempts to deflect blaster bolts. Otherwise the power grants all bonuses given by the Lightsaber Combat power (Control to Dam, Sense to Strike/Parry).