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Dark Transfer

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Dark Transfer
Control Difficulty: Easy, modified by relationship.
Alter Difficulty: Difficult
Required Powers: Control pain, control another’s pain
Time to Use: One minute
Warning: Anyone who uses this power gains one Dark Side point.
Effect: This power may be used to call upon the Dark Side to transfer one’s own vitality to an injured being, and may even be used a few moments after death. Unlike Transfer Force, this power does not require a willing target, and in fact, it is often used to restore an unwilling person.
In game terms, after a character has been injured or killed, the player may choose to activate Dark Transfer. The Force-user must be touching the target and, if the rolls succeed, the target will move up one wound level. For each additional 5 points that the alter roll beats the difficulty, the target improves an additional wound level. When a character activates this power, he or she gains an immediate Dark Side point and moves down one wound level, unless he spends a Force Point. However, he is not actually physically injured and needs only rest for 8 hours to recover. A target recovered from a Killed result is tainted by the Dark Side and gains one Dark Side Point.
Source: Legacy Era Campaign Guide (page 53)