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Control Difficulty: Difficult => Same species and race

                    Very Diff => Same species different race

                    Heroic    => Different species

  • Modified by relationship to imitate a specific being (ignore different species modifications)

Sense Difficulty: Moderate  => Just one component

                  Difficult => Two components

                  Very Diff => Three components

This power can be kept “up.”

Effects: With this power the Force user can change various components to disguise themselves, or even impersonate someone.  The three components are:  appearance, voice, and gestures.  The GM may rule that this power requires the expenditure of a Force Point or a Character point to enable this change.

If the character is attempting to impersonate someone, increase the difficulty of the Sense roll by proximity (this is due to the fact that the user must make contact through the Force with the being they want to impersonate in order to do so authentically).