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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Special, See Below

Alter Difficulty:

-Easy => Passers-by don't notice you (Not Moving)                     

-Moderate => Passers-by don't notice you (Walking)

-Difficult => Passers-by don't notice you (Running)

-Very Diff => Passers-by don't notice you (Naked at Church)

Required Powers: Hibernation trance, Affect Mind, Projective Telepathy.

This power can be kept “up.”

Effect: This power enshrouds a Jedi in a camouflaging veil.  The ability allows a force user to avoid drawing attention to himself from casual observers.  When no one is looking for the Jedi (or for similar trouble) the Sense roll is moderate (don't modify by Relationship), but when someone is searching for the user the Sense Difficulty becomes the subject's Search (or Perception... whatever's most relevant) Roll +5 if the subject has little knowledge of the user (Stormtrooper who heard an alarm go off), +10 if the subject has seen the user (Same trooper saw the user on a vid screen, +15 if subject knows much of user through reputation (Luke Skywalker has been reported on the premises) and +20 if subject knows user personally (Sneaking past Aunt Beru after an all night Rager).

This power does not affect electronic life-form sensors but may affect people viewing vid screens (GM's discretion).