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Endor's Moon

Type: Terrestrial

Temperature: Temperate

Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)

Hydrosphere: Moderate

Gravity: 85 % Standard

Terrain: Forests, Savannas, Mountains

Length of Day: 18 standard hours

Length of Year: 402 local days

Physical Diameter: 4,900 km

Sapient Species: Ewoks (95%), Yuzzum (4%), Dulok and others (1%)

Starport: Limited Services (Landing port, seasonally staffed)

Points of interest: The Lightning Forest, The Vacant Valley, The Molten Mountains, Lake Sui

Population: 10 million

Planet Function: Homeworld, Trade

Official language: Ewokese, Yuuzum, Basic

Government: Tribal (New Republic allied, non-participating member)

Major cities: Bright Tree Village, Hanging Moss Village, Terak's Keep, Happy Grove, Red Bush Grove

Tech Level: Stone

Major Exports: Foodstuffs, Medicinal Goods

Major Imports: none

Affiliation: Death Watch, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire, Alliance to Restore the Republic, Alliance of Free Planets, New Republic, New Jedi Order, Jedi Coalition

System: Endor

Sun: ?

Moons: none

Sector: Moddell

Region of Space: Outer Rim Territories

  • Fauna: Rokna Blue, Senoti, Perosa and Fgir ( see Poisons:), Kata-Wata,
  • Distance to Coruscant 6 days and 12h via Hyperspace with a moderate astrogation roll.
  • Distance to Bespin 1 day and 8h via Hyperspace with a moderate astrogation roll.
  • The Endor system was nothing more than a footnote in the Old Republic astrogation logs before it became the site of one of the most famous battles in history. It was an insignificant, out-of-the-way system, with few planets and only one sphere capable of supporting life. An Imperial outpost had been established on the sphere, and from there the necessary preparations were begun so that the second Death Star battle station could be constructed in the sphere's protective orbit.
    Endor is appropriately labeled "the forest moon." Vast forests cover most of the moon, full of trees that reach over three hundred meters into the air. The trunks are covered with shaggy, rust-colored bark. They rise as straight as columns, some extremely wide, others seemingly impossibly thin. Spindly foliage of lush colors fill the upper branches of these livinggiants, scattering the bright sunlight in delicate blue-green patterns across the forest floor.
    The day on Endor's moon belongs to the Ewoks, a small, furred hunter/gatherer species that lives in the giant trees. They build villages in the trees, and live in close-knit tribal units.
    The night, however, belongs to a thousand different predators. While Ewoks are certainly the most intelligent species native to Endor, the cunning and physical strength of many less-intelligent predators forces the Ewoks into their elevated villages at night.
    A curiosity over Endor is a "psychic bloodstain" of sorts. This spot is dark and brooding and marks the area where the second Death Star burst into a thousand colors and then cooled to unrecognizable wreckage. Here is where the Emperor died, and those who are sensitive to the Force can feel his presence when they pass through the spot. It is a malign, hateful presence, chilling to all Force-wielders who pass through it.
    Bright Tree Village
    Built among the wide trunks of the tall trees of Endor's moon, Bright Tree Village is a typical Ewok settlement, located near the ruins of the Imperial outpost. Named for the tall central tree that catches the rays of the sun throughout most of the day, Bright Tree houses nearly two hundred of the Ewoks. The healthy cluster of trees in which they live, the good hunting, and the abundant supplies of food and fresh water make these Ewoks feel particularly blessed among the children of the trees.
    The village hangs 50 meters over the forest floor. The main platform features a wide, open work and meeting area built around a central hunters' hall. Other, smaller platforms rise above and hang below the main platform.
    The lowest levels of the village feature the sentry posts. Here the most experienced Ewok warriors team with young novices to guard the approach to the village and teach the novices what they know. Sentries watch for approaching dangers, greet and announce visitors, and raise and lower the climbing vines needed to reach the forest floor. Sentry posts, like all of the lower portions of the village, are camouflaged to hide the platforms above from unwanted guests.
    The main platform features the chief's hut, the shaman's hut, the hall of elders, and the hunters' meeting place. Other huts on this platform and the smaller platforms that cling to the trees above include storage areas, family dwellings, huts for unmated females and unmated males, visitor huts, and the place of sickness where ills and wounds are treated.
    The highest platforms house additional sentries. These watchers constantly observe the horizon, looking for anything which might threaten the safety of the village or the hunters and gatherers in the forest below. Additionally, special platforms serve as launching pads for Ewok gliders. Gliders are used as both offensive weapons and to quickly get news to those outside the village.
    Salfur's Trading Post
    The New Republic has set up a number of semipermanent trading posts and landing platforms near the Ewok villages. One of these is Salfur's Trading Post, taking up a significant portion of a clearing near Bright Tree Village. Following the pattern established by the Ewoks, Salfur's Post rises above the forest floor on ten meter columns. These columns serve the same function as the Ewoks' trees (which the Republic decided not to use for fear of offending the religious Ewoks), holding the post up above the reach of most predators. Four of the columns contain lift tubes to ferry people and supplies from the post to ground level.
    When night falls, the darkness activates the boundary field which surrounds the post and its nearby landing platform. The force field serves as an additional level of protection during the hostile nights of Endor's moon. Of course, this field can be raised and lowered manually when the need arises.
    The landing platform can accommodate shuttles and small freighters, but maintains few other services. There are no maintenance hangars, no refitting stations, and no cargo handlers. There is only a landing beacon, directional lights, a flat place to touch down, and a power recharging hook-up.
    The post itself contains a living area, storage rooms, and a limited entertainment center — all that a few traders and perhaps a diplomat, medic and teacher need for a short stay on Endor's forest moon. The post is not staffed throughout the year. Instead, it serves as a base of operations when Salfur and his New Republic associates come for one of their periodic visits.