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Enhance Coordination

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Enhanced Coordination

Control Difficulty: Moderate.

Sense Difficulty: Difficult.

Alter Difficulty: Variable, depending upon number of targets. Modified by proximity.
Number of individuals to be affected - Difficulty
1-10 - Very Easy

11-100 - Easy

101-500 - Moderate

501-5,000 - Difficult

5,001-50,000 - Very Difficult

51,000-500,000 - Heroic

Required Power: Life sense, affect mind
This power may be kept "up," but a new power roll must be made whenever the Jedi wishes to coordinate new troops or skills are to be changed.

Effect: The use of this poer allows a Jedi to coordinate the activities of a group in order to increase the group's effectiveness at a given task. This power was often used by Emperor Palpatine to increase the fighting ability of his troops, mentally driving them on and supplementing their will to fight; Joruus C'baoth currently uses the power to increase the abilities of Grand Admiral Thrawn's troops. This power may only be used on targets who are in agreement with the intent of the Jedi (such as, "to defeat the Rebellion"). It does not grant the Jedi mental control over the affected troops. Instead, this power links all of the troops on a subconscious level, allowing them to fight more proficiently and with better organization. If the power is successfully called upon, the Jedi picks three specific Dexterity, Mechanical, or Strength skills. All troops receive a bonus of 1D for every 3D (rounded down) that they have in the given skills.

Source: Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 62)