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Force Static

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Alter Difficulty: Very Easy, modified by Relationship and Proximity

This power may be kept “up.”

Warning: Use of this power for any reason results in a Dark Side Point.

Effect: When using this power, the Jedi releases into the environment a flood of random Force energy which directly interferes with the way creatures inter-act with the Force.  When used, the Jedi rolls his Alter as usual.  When a Jedi is in the area (whether his presence is known to the user), he must add the success of Force Disturbance to the Difficulty of any Force Use other than Life Sense and Force Sense.  In the cases of Life and Force Sense (when they are specifically used to detect or identify the user of Force Static), the success of Force Static is added to all Force rolls, not difficulties.

The more people using Force Powers in the area, the less the individual difficulties.  As more “positive” energy is added to the area, the “negative” energy begins to wear thin.  When 2 or more Jedi in the area activate a power in the same round, the Force Static roll is divided between them, rounded down.  Note: The Force Static roll is divided equally between people using the Force, not the individual powers, or skills used within those powers.

Example: Exar Kun is meditating in the center of his temple on Yavin IV.  He activates Force Static and rolls his Alter with a result of 23.  Ulic Qel-Droma enters the temple and attempts to activate Lesser Force Shield in anticipation of an upcoming confrontation.  The difficulty should be easy (5) but due to Exar’s use of Force Static, the difficulty is raised to 16.  Here’s how it breaks down: Exar’s roll was 23. Subtract the difficulty for relationship; Acquaintances -7 (16), and subtract the difficulty for Proximity; Less than 100 meters, but not in sight -5 (11).  So Exar’s success of 11 is added to Ulic’s base difficulty of 5, making the new, modified difficulty 16.

Ulic feels the added stress and knows something is disrupting his connection to the Force.  He knows this must be Exar’s doing and attempts to locate him via Life Sense. The usual difficulty of 12 (Very Easy Difficulty of 0 modified by Relationship and Proximity) is reduced by 11 (Exar’s success).  Ulic must roll a 1 to be successful (automatic success, baring the Wild Die).  As soon as Ulic begins he discovers that the ripples of power interfering with his concentration can easily be followed back to its source.  In fact the user has become a beacon of Force activity.

Ulic follows this trail to its source, Exar’s inner chamber.  There he finds Exar waiting and attempts to use Projective Telepathy and call his friend Nomi (who is a few kilometers away) for help.  The base difficulties for this act are Control 7, and Sense 2.  These difficulties are each raised by 14 (Exar’s roll of 23 minus Relationship 7, and Proximity 2).  Ulic’s new, modified difficulties are Control 21 and Sense 16.  Looks like Ulic is going to have to go solo.