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Force Wave

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Sense Difficulty: Easy

Alter Difficulty: Moderate

Required Powers: Telekinesis

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to create a wave of telekinetic energy which spreads outward from his or her hand, knocking opponents to the ground. This differs from telekinesis in that there is no attempt at controlling the targets, and more than one being or item can be affected by it at once. Beings struck by the Force Wave must make a Dexterity check, opposed to the user's Alter roll. If the Alter roll is more than twice the opponent's Dexterity roll, the target(s) suffer 3D impact damage (the user of this power may choose to use less than their full amount of Alter dice if they do not wish to do any damage with this power). The range on this power is 10 meters, and it affects any beings along a single arc in combat (front, right, left, rear, etc.)

Alter Roll > Difficulty By:



Target suffers 3D Damage


Target suffers 4D Damage


Target suffers 5D Damage