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Force Weapon

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Control Difficulty: Equal to the melee weapon's base difficulty (ie, a knife is Very Easy).

Alter Difficulty: Moderate.

Required Powers: Concentration.

Warning: A character who uses this power in order to injure or kill a helpless being immediately gains a Dark Side point.

Effect: A Force user with this power can temporarily imbue a non-powered melee weapon (such as a club, knife, staff, etc.) with the Force. This power can only be used on the Force user's personal weapon, and only while he uses the weapon himself. The power lasts for five rounds, after which time it must be activated again. The amount by which the Alter skill roll exceeds the difficulty determines how much extra damage the weapon inflicts on a successful hit. Note that this damage will allow a weapon to exceed its listed Maximum Damage (if any).

Alter Roll > Difficulty By:

Damage Increase


+1 pip


+2 pips