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Sense Difficulty: Target's Control or Perception roll.

Alter Difficulty: Very Easy against a person or animal that has no reason to mistrust you, or who wants something from you (an eager salesman, for example). Easy against a person or an animal who is neutral or indifferent to you. Moderate against a wild animal, or a person who has a societal reason to dislike you (i.e., prejudice). Difficult against a hungry predator, or a person who has a personal reason to dislike or hate you. Very Difficult against a person who is a sworn enemy, or an animal who is starving, angry, or wounded.

Effect: Proper application of this power can calm a hostile person or animal. Use of Friendship employs calming emotions that can cause enemies to re-think their motives, or open them up to discussion and parley. Friendship does not make them forget past events (such as when you tried to kill them), but it might give you a chance to bring about a peaceful solution to a disagreement. The target of Friendship will remain calm until a situation occurs that alters that state. A bonus granted to all Bargain, Command, Con, or Persuasion rolls made against the target following the use of Friendship is based on the amount by which the Sense roll exceeds the target's Control or Perception roll.

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