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Hands of the Jhemadan

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Hands of the Jhemadan

Control Difficulty: Medium

Note: This power is exclusively used by the Shadow Dragons.

Effect:  This is one of the powers that have carried over from the Jhemadan times.  When called upon, this power causes the Jedi's hands to be encased in a glowing blue field of Force.  This field is impenetrable, and extends up to the users elbows.  The power protects it's users hands from extreme heat and cold, but that is not it's primary function.  When used in conjunction with Jhemadan school martial arts, the Hands of the Jhemadan add 2D+2 to the damage caused.  When invoked by a Dark Jedi, the field is a deep red that grows darker for those more attuned to the dark side.  There are rumors that the Jhemadan had a more powerful version of this power, but they have never been proven.  This is a power that can be kept up.