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Hide Force Sensitivity

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Control: Difficulty: Difficult; one difficulty lower for every 4D of dice in user's Control.

Sense: Difficulty: Moderate

This power may be kept "up."

Time to use: 2 rounds

Effect: This power effectively hides the Jedi from other Force users/sensers, giving +4D to the difficulty of Sense Force. It is mainly used by Dark Siders, but can be used by others wishing to maintain a low profile on, say, Ossus. It is progressively easier the more skilled the user gets at it, but at a certain point the Jedi won't be that interested in hiding themselves "artificially" - they will seek out places such as: where Dark Siders have died, where a strong Force disturbance is, etc. Vice versa for Dark Siders, though they are far less likely to do so.