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Induce Sleep

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Sense Difficulty: The target's willpower, stamina, or Control

                  Modified by Relationship & Proximity

Alter Difficulty: Very Easy  =>   1 Target

                  Easy       =>   2 Targets

                  Moderate   =>   4 Targets

                  Difficult  =>   8 Targets

                  Very Diff  =>  12 Targets

                  Heroic     => 20+ Targets

-10 If target is tired or has failed a stamina roll.

-5  If the user first uses Affect Mind to convince the target that they

    are tired.

+0  If target is not actively doing something that requires complete


+5  If target is doing something that requires attention.

+10 If target is actively doing something that requires attention.

+20 If the target is actively engaged in combat or is in a combat  


Required Power: Dim Other's Senses, Affect Mind

Effect: Induced sleep allows a Jedi to put a target into a deep sleep, from which the target cannot be awakened while the power is in effect.  Sleep lasts for 1D6 hours after this power is discontinued, however targets can be awakened before that time by natural means.  If the Jedi or anyone “with” the Jedi harms the target while they are helpless, the Jedi receives a Dark Side Point.  This power cannot affect Droids or creatures who do not require sleep.

This power can be kept up but the Jedi must make a new power roll whenever he adds or switches targets.