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Induce Tranquility

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Control Difficulty:Moderate

Alter Difficulty: Moderate, modified by agitation of target character; modified by relationship

Required Powers: none

Time to Use: Instantaneous

Effect: With this power, a Jedi can induce a state of enhanced calm in another being, even to the point of inducing near-sleep in another sentient. The user simply reaches out in the Force to the opposing mind, and calms it through waves of almost-dreamlike reassurance. The affected person is generally quieted emotionally, but the Jedi can also intensify use of the power to induce a near-vegetative state that lasts for up to a half-an-hour. Jedi healers have been known to make frequent use of this power when treating casualties in times if war, usually in conjunction with Control Another's Pain. A Jedi can direct this power at up to three characters at once, provided those characters are within 5 meters of one another, and cannot see the Jedi (use of this power on a group is normally only possible from a hiding spot near the targets), hence this is a very useful power for a Jedi attempting to get into a guarded facility with a minimum of attention. Characters "awakening" from the state of induced tranquility are often somewhat confused, but not usually aware that they have been manipulated in any way. Qui-Gon Jinn uses this power on Jar Jar Binks during the journey in the Gungan sub in Epsiode I.