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Inhabit Object

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Control Difficulty: Difficult

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Alter Difficulty: Heroic

Warning: A character who uses this power immediately receives a Dark Side Point.

Time to Use: 3 Rounds

Effect: When this power is used successfully, the object which has been inhabitated seems no different than before. Any non-Force user would not notice any difference. However, any Force-sensitive character will immediately note the presence of something more surrounding the object. The spirit encased in the object can rarerly influence the outside world, but may occasionally send visions or emotions to their bearers. Most commonly, the spirit is so damaged by the transfer it is rarely more than an emotional presence, and rarely qualifies as sentient. Also, mechanical objects can sometimes be manipulated by the spirit within, activating or deactivating it, or even causing it to not obey the bearer's command. If the object is destroyed, the spirit inside is also destroyed.

In game terms, the object retains its normal statistics and functions. However, it also becomes semi-sentient, and gains additional stats based off of the inhabitant's original stats: Knowledge -1D, Perception -1D, Control and Sense as normal, and Alter -2D. Additionally, the following Force Powers are lost: Injure/Kill, Telekinesis, Control Breathing, Force Lightning, Inflict Pain, Transfer Force, Battle Meditation, Create Force Storms, Doppleganger, Force harmony, Projected Fighting, Telekinetic Kill, Transfer Life, and Lesser Force Shield. The Character Points, Force Points, and Dark Side Points are retained after transfer into the new object.

If the inhabited object has any kind of vocabulator, holoprojection device, or other means of standard communication, a Difficult Alter roll will allow the spirit inhabiting the object to communicate via those means.