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Type: Terrestrial

Temperature: Temperate (Constant Rain)

Atmosphere: ?

Hydrosphere: ?

Gravity: ?

Terrain: Muddy plains (Historic), Desert , Seas, Rivers (Modern)

Length of Day: ?

Length of Year: ?

Physical Diameter: 10,700 km

Sapient Species: Humans

Starport: ?

Points of interest: Shelter Base, Monsoon Mesa, Cobalt Station, Razor Coast, Jobreth Plains, Hyber Canyon, High Rock Canyon

Population: 100 million

Planet Function: ?

Official language: Basic

Government: Democracy

Major cities: Choal (Capital)

Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: ?

Major Imports: ?

Affiliation: Xim's empire, Jabiim Congress, Galactic Republic, Jabiimi Nationalists, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire, Five Worlds, Confederation

System : Jabiim

Sun : Jabiim

Moons : ?

Sector : Phelleem

Region of Space : Outer Rim