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Control Difficulty:Difficult

Sense Difficulty: Difficult

Required Powers: None

Time to Use: Instantaneous

Effect: Unlike other Force powers, a Jedi does not have to learn this power to use it. Instead, any Jedi with a total of 9D or more in Force skills can attempt to use this power...at the moment of his death.

At the moment the Jedi knows death is imminent (just after a fatal wound, or just before it), the Jedi calms his mind and body (Difficult control roll), preparing to surrender his mortal shell. The Jedi then reaches out with his mind, tracing the ebb and flow of the Force around him and through him (Difficult sense roll). Upon succeeding at both rolls, the Jedi's spirit exits his body and becomes one with the Force. His body fades into nothingness, its raw matter converted into energy, once again united in harmony with the Force.

Jedi who pass in this fashion do not completely die. The Jedi can make a number of visitations to his close friends and associates equal to the number of Force points he had upon death. The duration of each visitation is euqal to a combined sense, alter, and control roll, expressed in minutes. In this fashion, a player who knows his character is about to die can ensure that death will mean something, as he can manifest to important persons in later sessions and warn them of impending disaster, or offer wisdom and teaching. At the GMs discretion, and based on the power level of the Jedi when he died, only Force-sensitive characters may witness the visitation. After death, the Jedi cannot influence the material world in any way beyond what is stated here...his energies no longer flow in that direction.