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Light Boomerang Combat

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Light Boomerang Combat

Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty:Moderate, +1D difficulty per additional target

Alter Difficulty:Easy, +1D for every additional target, +2D for every additional target after the third.Must make a Very Easy roll to catch.

Required Powers: Lightsaber Combat, Telekinesis

This power maybe kept “up.”

Effect:This is the power that lets a Jedi pick up, much less throw a Light Boomerang.This powercontrols all aspects of the strike, from the throw to the hit to the catch.Without this power, no one should ever pick up a light boomerang, much less try to throw it.

If the Alter roll fails, the boomerang just does not ignite, and clatters to the ground, a lifeless hunk of metal.Alter also effects how many of his targets the Jedi actually hits.The difficulty for each of the desired strikes must first be determined.If the roll is under the total difficulty, then only the strikes that are possible under the actual roll hit.When the hitable targets are struck, the boomerang makes a direct line to the Jedi, who must make a Very Easy Alter roll to deactivate the boomerang or be struck with it. Like the Lightsaber, Light Whip and Blaster Combat skills, this skill improves the capabilities of the thrower and of the weapon.The Jedi may add or subtract any number of his Control dice to the damage roll of the boomerang.He may also add HALF the number of his Sense dice to his the dice he rolls for his physical skill to determine if he hits.The light boomerang may be used to intercept blaster bolts, but the physical skill and Alter skills are increased by +10 (due to the reaction time involved), and the Sense and Control powers are the same as for Lightsaber Combat.