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  • Masquerade
    Control Difficulty: Easy or opposing Perception or control roll
    Sense Difficulty: Moderate
    Alter Difficulty: Moderate
    Required Powers: Affect mind, dim another’s senses, life detection, life sense, projective telepathy, receptive telepathy, sense Force, illusion
    This power may be kept up.
    Effect: This power allows a Jedi to enfold herself with an illusion that he or she has created. This illusion changes the appearance of the Jedi allowing her to effectively disguise herself. This power takes the place of the disguise skill for all practical purposes. However, no disguise is perfect, and an opponent can see through the illusion with an opposed Perception or control roll. If the opponent’s skill beats the Jedi’s control roll, then the opponent realizes that the appearance is an illusion. If the opponent’s skill roll exceeds the Jedi’s roll by 10 or more, then the opponent can devise the Jedi’s true appearance.
    Source: Jedi Academy Training Manual (page 15)