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Mecha Empathy

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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Easy, modified by complexity of machine

Required Powers: None

Time to Use: One minute

Effect: The Jedi can "feel" his way around the inner workings of a technological device, seeking out specific malfunctions, learning how to operate the machine on a rudimentary level, and finding imperfections or potential modifications that could improve or enhance the machine's performance at least temporarily (Obi-Wan uses this one to learn how to pilot a Gungan sub, and Anakin uses it to build a powerful podracer from sub-par parts...and eventually to fix it in mid-crisis!). The Sense difficulty for this power is modified by the complexity of the machine; whereas a podracer is a fairly simple (if tough to handle) device, much like a Gungan sub, a droid is more comples, raising the difficulty to Moderate. Hyperdrives and other complex systems have a Sense difficulty of Hard. Successful use of this power enables the Jedi to operate the machine in question as if he had the applicable skill at his default attribute level; in other words, it allows the Jedi to make his dice rolls with no negative modifiers for unskilled operation of otherwise specialized skills. The character can also use this power to enable himself to make Repair skill rolls under circumstances that he would normally be unable to do so, as well as design equipment for practical use with a minimum of quality components.