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Mental Translocation

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Mental Translocation

Control Difficulty: Difficult + proximity

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Required Powers: Emptiness or rage, farseeing, hibernation trance, instinctive astrogation, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, projective telepathy, remain conscious, shift sense

Time To Use: 3 rounds to prepare + duration of power

Effect: When using this power, the Jedi's mind can leave his/her/its body and travel away from it in any direction and through any physical obstacle.  The physical universe cannot harm the Jedi’s mind (unless hypnotic/brainwashing or mind-affecting stimuli are perceived).      The Jedi uses the Force to perceive the surroundings, essentially duplicating the function of normal sensory organs.  However, due to the complexity of this power, the Jedi can only use two “non-interactive” senses to perceive the environment (Jedi's choice; e.g. vision and audition).  The sense of touch, or any sense that would require “interaction” with the environment cannot be used.  Attempts to use “interactive” senses results in only one sense being available.  If this too is an interactive sense, the Jedi is totally blind and cannot return to the body (the Jedi has no senses).

The non-corporeal Jedi may move at a maximum rate of 10m/round,unless a Heroic + proximity Control roll then made, then the maximum movement is 1km/round (i.e. 200m/s).

The user's body dehydrates and hungers at twice the normal rate.  Proximity modifier is based on the furthest extent of the intended distance (declared before the skill rolls are made).  Should the Jedi wish to go beyond this limit, a new Control roll must be made, modified by the increase in intended distance.  Failing this roll results in the mind-body connection being broken, and the Jedi being unable to inhabit this former body (It is believed that the Emperor used a modification of this power to break his mind free from his body at the moment of his death on the 2nd Death Star.  This suggests it may be possible to use Force Powers while using Mental Translocation--such as Transfer Life!)