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Mind Sand

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Control Difficulty: Easy

Sense Difficulty: Target's Control or Perception Roll (whichever is higher).

Alter Difficulty: Moderate

Note: This Power is exclusively used by the Shadow Dragons.

Required Powers: Affect Mind

Effect: This power is designed to cripple the abilities of opposing Jedi.When invoked, and the target's roll is lower than the sense roll, the target can no longer use the force skill of Sense, and any powers based on that skill.When he tries to do so, all he will see is a featureless grey field.If he tries, he can make an opposed roll every round to break the control, though that does count as an action.All other Force Powers can still be used normally.This power can be kept up from round to round.It is particularly vulnerable to "The Clouds, Parting" as a successful invocation of that power will not only negate the effects of this power, the person holding the "Mind Sand" power will still believe that the power is up, and can expend effort trying to keep it up with no effect.