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Control Difficulty: Easy, modified by proximity.

Sense Difficulty: Easy, modified by proximity.

Alter Difficulty: Target’s Control or Strength roll.

Required Powers: Control Pain, Inflict Pain, Injure/Kill, Life Sense.

Warning: A character who uses this power in order to injure or kill a helpless being immediately gains a Dark Side point.

Effect: When used against a target, this power causes him to become physically ill by stimulating his gag reflex. If successful, the victim immediately feels nauseous, and might begin to retch. Exact effects depend on the amount by which the Force-user’s Alter roll total exceeds the victims Control or Strength roll total. This illness is temporary, though feelings of queasiness and nausea may last for several hours afterwards.

Alter Roll >
Difficulty By: Effect:
0-10 Victim begins to feel ill, and suffers a -1D penalty to all actions for 1D hours due to discomfort.
11-25 As above, and victim must stop what he is doing in order to retch. The retching lasts 1D rounds.
26+ As above, and the victim is further incapacitated for 2D minutes as periodic retching continues.

Note that this power only works on species that possess a gag reflex, and will be ineffective against those that do not (though they may experience some discomfort, or even pleasure, at the GM’s option).