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Nilgaard sector

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The Nilgaard sector was a sector located within the Outer Rim Territories. Planets in Nilgaard included Emmer, Dalos IV, and Reaper's World. It bordered the Meridian Sector and was along the Perlemian Trade Route.


  • Dalos system
  • Emmer system
  1. Emmer
  2. Emmer asteroid belt
  • Galshebbis Prime system
  • Kaelta system (Toola system)
  1. Toola
  • Makem system
  1. Makem Te
  • Nam Priax system
  1. Nam Priax
  • Ord Bueri system
  • Quermia system
  1. Quermia
  • Reaper's World system
  1. Reaper's World
  • Zandrax system