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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty:Easy=> 1 - 2 Targets

Moderate=> 3 - 20 Targets

Difficult => 21 - 100 Targets

Very Diff => 101 - 1,000 Targets

Heroic=> 1,000 - 10,000 Targets

-Modified by single highest individual proximity

Alter Difficulty:Easy plus target’s Perception, Willpower or Control roll.

Required Powers:Affect Mind, Emptiness, Calm, and Project Force

This power may be kept up (see below).

Note: The bonuses usually granted to a Jedi for having Dark Side Points (See Part II: The Dark Side) become penalties when using this power.For example, If a Jedi has two Dark Side Points from embracing the Dark Side (which usually grants a +4D bonus when using Force Skills), suffers a -4D penalty to all rolls when activating or keeping up this power.Also, it is impossible for any character with six or more Dark Side Points to manipulate the Light Side enough to use this power.

Effect: A Jedi using this power radiates the light side of the force, sending waves of peace and happiness washing over his targets.Unwilling targets resist with either Willpower, Perception, or Control(whichever is higher), with a +2 to their resistance for each Dark Side Point they possess.The game affect of this power is that all targets may not make any violent or angry actions (attacks etc..) while under its influence.People under the influence of this power lose one Dark Side Point for every hour.A target may attempt to break the influence of this power by rolling their resistance once a round, against the Jedi's Alter roll (from when the power was activated).Each failed resistance attempt incurs a -3 penalty on the next attempt (cumulative).

Editorial Note: Like everything else, the effects of this power are up to each individual GM. I personally, think there is a great distinction between calming down and washing away sin. Therefore, I would not allow use of this power to eliminate Dark Side Points. Evil acts should be atoned for through great sacrifices and hardships, but it is really up to each individual GM to decide how it effects their game.