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  • Phase
    Control Difficulty: Heroic + 20
    Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult
    Alter Difficulty: Very Difficult
    Time to Use: One Round
    Force Point: You must expend a Force Point to use this power.
    Prerequisites: Control Pain, Emptiness, Hibernation Trance, Instinctive Astrogation, Reduce Injury, Telekinesis
    You gain the ability to pass through physical matter as though it were not present. Every meter moved through a solid object counts as two meters for the purposes of calculating how far you can travel in a round. The power lasts for one round only and you cannot keep the power 'up'. You can extend this duration by spending another Force Point but you must roll to activate the power again at the beginning of each round (incurring all appropriate dice penalties) and if you fail the roll the power does not remain active. If you allow this power to end (or are unfortunate to fail any required rolls to maintain it) while you are still within the physical confines of an object that would otherwise prevent you from being in that position you disappear, never to be seen again. Not even the Grand Masters know what becomes of someone who suffers this fate.