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Project Senses

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Control Difficulty: Very Difficult; modified by Proximity

Sense Difficulty: Difficult; modified by Proximity

Required Powers: Absorb/dissipate energy, emptiness or rage, force of will, hibernation trance, direction sense, instinctive astrogation, magnify sense, receptive telepathy, shift sense, farseeing, projective telepathy

Time To Use: one round to prepare + duration of projection + one round to re-enter body

Effect: Using this power, a Jedi can project his mind outside his body, and can travel in any direction, through any physical obstacle. The Jedi can use all five physical senses while projected as if the body is there as well; although, the Jedi cannot affect the world except to communicate.

The Proximity range of the projection is based on the farthest extent of the intended projection distance, and must be declared before the power is activated.

The Jedi’s mind cannot be affected while this power is in use; although, projective telepathy, receptive telepathy, life detection, or life sense can be used to sense and communicate with the Jedi. However, the body is very susceptible to the Force power transfer life, being treated as "recently dead body". The body also dehydrates and hungers at twice the normal rate.

The Jedi is able to send his senses instantly to anywhere in the Proximity range, but it takes one round to move to a farther range and requires a new power roll to maintain the power. If this new roll fails, the Jedi’s mind is instantly flung back in the Jedi’s body and the Jedi is disoriented for 1D rounds.