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Sense Difficulty: Objects (easy), Locations under 10 meter radius (moderate), 10-20 meters (difficult), 20-30 meters (very difficult), 30+ meters (heroic)

Alter Difficulty: Emotions associated with object or area (moderate). General information about object or area such as a mental picture of the last person to use object and last action performed with it by that person (difficult). Detailed information about object or area such as the last owner's name, last location where it was used by that pweron, what their thoughts were at the time (very difficult). Complete history of the object or area -- only major events that would have left an impression like death or some other important occurrence (heroic).

This power can be "kept up".

Required Powers: None

Time to Use: One round or more

Effect: User gains ability to telepathically get information from an object or location about its past when in contact with the object or in the location.