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Radar Sense

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Radar Sense

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Required Abilities: Life Detection, Magnify Senses

This power may be kept “up.”

Effect: This ability is used when the Jedi can not see or is entering combat. It gives him/her sense dice to add to his/her perception each round. These can be used for initiative or for any of the basic sensual skills under perception (cannot be used for command, bargain, persuasion, etc). This power is very similar to Life Detection, except the Jedi feels the emotional intentions of the people in his range. The Targets can not hide from this ability because it feels the vibrations in the force that their presence makes.       The range is equal to their sense roll +10 in meters. The Jedi does not perceive anything but the position of the creatures and the basic intentions (i.e., friendship, hate, about to attack, etc.)